Sunday, February 18, 2018

Special Delivery: Dimensional Mailers Deliver the Message

A custom kit developed for Project Runway caught the attention of the producers.

A holiday-themed mailer keeps STYROFOAM Brand Foam top-of-mind as editors plan holiday features.

A dimensional mailer makes the introduction of Brights Paint Pens more memorable.


Tens of thousands of new products, new colors, and new applications are introduced every year. How do you grab the attention of busy editors, bloggers and other key influencers? Currier Communications regularly reaches out to targeted media contacts with dimensional press kits that stand out and significantly increase the chances of being opened, read and remembered. A thorough understanding of clients’ products and the intended audience ensures that messages are on target and memorable. Timely, proactive follow up reinforces the message and the recall. 

Products and messages are delivered directly to the media influencers in a memorable manner, generating coverage.