Sunday, February 18, 2018

Mad Men No More: Ad Programs That Deliver More than a Blank Page

Once upon a time, the land was filled with many colorful and beautiful print magazines. Each magazine had a rate card, from which eager advertisers selected a size and price and purchased a page to tell their story. Fast forward to today’s reality and many of the magazines are now fairy tales, replaced by google ad words, banner ads, electronic ads of endless variations. And, your ad dollars can do a lot more than buy space – they can buy an interactive experience, videos, contests, and other tactics that truly engage your customers. Currier Communications is experienced in researching the traditional and online media most read by your customers, and negotiating rates and value-added programs that generate the most return for your investment.

Chapter 2: Copywriting? Check! Photography? Check! Graphics? Check! Our team will create the materials needed for your program, from a print ad to a video.

In addition to purchasing ad space, we’ve negotiated interactive contests, sweepstakes, slide shows, e-newsletters, e-books, and more for our clients. The end.