Thursday, November 15, 2018

An A+ Plan:

Introducing the Krylon® Clear Choice Fine Art Scholarship

To increase visibility and build a new audience for its products in the Fine Art market, Krylon introduced a scholarship for fine art students. In the initial planning stages, Currier Communications brainstormed the scholarship name, the Krylon Clear Choice Fine Art Scholarship, to emphasize Krylon’s Artist & Clear Coatings product line. The communications plan included a holistic mix of traditional and social media, and disseminated information about the scholarship program and Krylon’s fine art product line. Bloggers, school web sites, e-zines, electronic bulletin boards, a Facebook fan page and Twitter were all part of the program to reach a highly wired young audience.

The Krylon Clear Choice Fine Art Scholarship was promoted in hundreds of traditional and online media venues, and almost 400 students entered the scholarship competition, nearly double the client’s original goal.